Why Travel With Manu Rainforest Peru
Why Travel With Manu Rainforest Peru


Like you, we are thrilled to encounter the exceptional in our magical surroundings! We seek out wondrous places well off the beaten path. Our trails, our private ecological reserve, hidden salt licks, pristine forests, and candid experiences with locals one of a kind and simply better than any tour looking out the window from a bus.

Authentic experiences are those moments that you know you are alive and are experiencing something unique and even life changing. It could be the precise moment you spot one of the largest cats in South America (the jaguar), or share a laugh with your fellow travelers on your adventure. Or it might be dangling your feet in the water as you glide down the river cradled in an inflatable tube. These unexpected moments are what traveling with us is all about, giving you a trip like no other.

What does that mean for you?
This means that our itineraries are specifically designed to include as much time as possible to discover new things with our local guides. It's not just about getting from point A to point B, or "seeing the sights" - anyone with a guide can do that. What we offer is local knowledge and experience to help you get behind the mystery that hides in the jungle. Our trips have been designed specifically for you in small groups or on your own tailored private trip to Manu Rainforest, Peru.

We believe that travel immersed in nature has a special power to connect people. This big world feels a little smaller when we make new friends as we connect with the environment that surrounds us. We want to hear your stories. Have you met someone special along the way? Let’s share our experiences. We want to create a shared love of travel, respecting the environment, and enjoying our time together. This is the connection we want to create through introducing you to us, the jungle, and your fellow travelers. Share times with us!

Do you know that one friend who takes the extra step to introduce everyone to their friends and make them all feel welcome? Well, that's us. When we travel, we want our new friends (you) to know our Amazon family, because we want you to feel at home as well as have a deeper, more friendly and meaningful time on your trip. For example, Saul, one of our elder brothers, always livens up the atmosphere with his jokes and laid back nature. He wants you not to be just a guest but a participant in our adventures in the jungle of the Manu. He’s also a qualified and knowledgeable local guide. You’ll share tea with the whole family at Manu Rainforest Peru (ROBLES), and we will share adventures in our little corner of the jungle. We can even play a game of pichanga (futbalito) with the people of my community. From this you will gather memories and friendships that we hope will stay with you for a lifetime.

Manu National Park is one of the largest, most mega diverse and unique National Parks in Peru if not the world. With many tour operators vying for your patronage, it is a bit hard for you to choose. We are a small family run company, so if mega buses and mono lingual staff interest you, by all means chose another company. But if you want personalized attention and authenticity, look no further. Manu Rainforest Peru;s 100% local team will arrange an unforgettable adventure, and our small groups will make things easier and will allow you to maximize your precious free time. Instead of worrying about logistics, you can concentrate all your energy on having the experience of a lifetime.

Our groups are small enough to feel that you are exploring a destination independently, but large enough to create a good social environment. The size of the group will vary depending on where and how we travel, but the average size of our group is 7. We have discovered the perfect group size that allows us to connect with the environment through the trails.

The best adventures in small groups strike the perfect balance between planned activities and time. After all, we do not want to calm your style are your vacation. Although we have an itinerary to follow, there are always opportunities to go beyond for you. Want to add an adventure? There is always room for improvisation or an adventure of its own.

The best people to show you the heart of a destination are those who live there, that are why we work exclusively with local guides (us). Our leaders are not only experts in the jungle; they are like teachers, an encyclopedia of knowledge and enthusiastic provider of genuine experiences. They can guide you through the pristine forests with ease as you embark on your adventures in Manu National Park with us, allowing you to feel free in the environment and get in touch with the locals in a charismatic way.

A local guide is more than a guide; they are the key to getting you into the environment. Our naturalist guide is the bridge between you and the Manu jungle. They know the legends of the jungle and can offer a practical shortcut to reach the hot spots you want to visit and not waste time and money in vain. Here you will have the knowledge, nobility, patience, passion of our local guides that you will not find in other traditional travel agencies.

When you think about it, working together with local people makes a lot of sense. Not only does it provide employment opportunities, it also ensures that we respect local cultures and support local economies. Tourism is a great source of income for many countries and we strive to help local people

100% LOCAL
Manu Rainforest Peru is a 100% local family company, founded by Angel Robles from a humble family born in a small community (Palotoa) in the same Manu National Park. Angel acquired knowledge of the jungle thanks to integration with the environment and from his childhood he grew up and walked like a true native of the jungle.

Because we have put years of research into your comfort, we design our programs with our own lodgings so you can focus on real life experiences and know you are safe. You won’t waste time agonizing over every detail of your adventure when you can leave it all in the hands of someone who lives in and knows the area, and cares about sharing it with you in a safe and enjoyable way. That is why Manu Rainforest Peru made great efforts to build its own ecolodges in Manu, exclusive to its customers. We do not share with other agencies as do most traditional companies!

Manu Rainforest Perú is dedicated to safety and as such it provides the best equipment possible. For this reason we use products from the US company Vortex Optic to provide the ultimate viewing experience for our birders. Vortex Optic assists us in providing these high end instruments.

Our Binoculars
We work with Diamondback Vortex binoculars which have high quality and high performance hunting optics for you to enjoy the flora and fauna on your trip to Manu. Waterproof and anti-fog, with soft conical buttonholes, it is made of sturdy rubber armor. They will be provided for you to enjoy viewing all our target species.

Our Telescopes
Our professional Diamondback telescope offers exceptional performance, clearly an excellent choice for viewing our long range targets. The Diamondback optics ensure a brilliant image throughout the expansion range, and the construction is resistant to the high humidity that we are exposed to throughout the trip.

Our Rubber Boots
We will provide rubber boots as it is essential to be able to walk on the paths of the rainforest. They will protect us from mud, insects, stings. Wherever we go in the jungle, boots will be very important!


Posada Manu Rainforest

Posada Manu Rainforest

Robles Tree House

Robles Tree House


To give your adventurous spirit a breath of fresh air from the day to day humdrum, Manu Rainforest Peru offers a large selection of destinations at the best prices. If what you’re looking for is an irresistable and unique offer for Machu Picchu, Mountain Arcoíris, or Manu National Park, we can custom design a trip for you. Whether you want to relax while enjoying a few days in Cusco, or take a power hike up in the nearby Andes, we have a wide selection of hikes, circuits, and jungle tours and trips! We can design it for either short or long stays. Leave it to us to provide you with an amazing trip the way you like it. We are certified experts in the Cusco, Manu and Machu Picchu area and can help you decide the best options for your trip based on your tastes, time and weather.

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Manu Rainforest Tour
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Manu Rainforest Tour & Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
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Manu Rainforest Tour & Laguna Humantay 5 days

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Manu Rainforest Peru has designed some of the most affordable trips to the Amazon on the market. You’ll be visitng the highlights without missing out on service. We guarantee your satisfaction. With a Manu rainforest adventures by road, we’ll supply you with the essentials..Our trips will show you the highlights without all the frills. Our trips don’t have fixed dates, so you have flexibility to chose when to start your trip. It may also be posible to join a group already going, don’t feel shy to ask! A new way to enjoy an eco-tourism trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. An eco-tour that will allow you to learn about the Amazon jungle in an unforgettable experience, combining trekking, tubing adventure, wildlife and many other different activities surrounded by the amazing rainforest and the comfortable Manu Rainforest lodges.