Manu Rainforest Peru Private Group Tour
Manu Rainforest Peru Private Group Tour


If you want to experience the real life with Manu Rainforest Peru and prefer to travel with your own private group, our team will help you to organize your own private long-awaited and well-deserved holiday.

For groups of all sizes, we can organize a special one based on our pre-existing tours: adventure, study, honeymoon, ornithology, special interest or special needs! To any of our destinations! No problem! We can customize the itinerary and activities just for you to give your trip an educational, physical, or even historical approach!


We organize packages for school and University students, and organizations.

Friends and family
Let Manu Rainforest Peru plan your next vacation, a tailor-made adventure for your family or for a group of friends!

Universities and schools
We can customize trips for clubs for students, business schools, programs of study, or special departments.

Service for capacity-building internship projects in environmental, cultural education in any region of the Peru, can be facilitators, managers, teachers etc.
Employees’ loyalty, retention and professionalism increase when they participate in internal programs for travel and training.

Visit a local partner or take donors to see their preservation or educational charity efforts at first hand.
Visit inter-Andean peoples or tribes in the jungle with support or voluntary donations, or educational charity programs, or special teams for the preservation of a specific place.


Custom or designed itineraries: Pre create your own itinerary or choose from one of our pre-existing trips.

Choose your style: We can customize according to your style of travel. From comfort accommodation to rugged for backpackers, we can do it all.

Personalized attention: Our private group coordinators take the hassle out of planning. We take care of all the little details and are the one-stop shop for your trip: your ticket, transport, travel insurance, hotels, restaurants: all travel needs.

The outings and exclusive dates: You choose your dates, your itinerary and your activity level. We can include much or as little as you want and our trips always include one of our incredible local leaders! .


Posada Manu Rainforest

Posada Manu Rainforest

Robles Tree House

Robles Tree House


To give your adventurous spirit a breath of fresh air from the day to day humdrum, Manu Rainforest Peru offers a large selection of destinations at the best prices. If what you’re looking for is an irresistable and unique offer for Machu Picchu, Mountain Arcoíris, or Manu National Park, we can custom design a trip for you. Whether you want to relax while enjoying a few days in Cusco, or take a power hike up in the nearby Andes, we have a wide selection of hikes, circuits, and jungle tours and trips! We can design it for either short or long stays. Leave it to us to provide you with an amazing trip the way you like it. We are certified experts in the Cusco, Manu and Machu Picchu area and can help you decide the best options for your trip based on your tastes, time and weather.

Manu Rainforest Tour & Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour & Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour & Laguna Humantay 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Laguna Humantay 5 days


Manu Rainforest Peru has designed some of the most affordable trips to the Amazon on the market. You’ll be visitng the highlights without missing out on service. We guarantee your satisfaction. With a Manu rainforest adventures by road, we’ll supply you with the essentials..Our trips will show you the highlights without all the frills. Our trips don’t have fixed dates, so you have flexibility to chose when to start your trip. It may also be posible to join a group already going, don’t feel shy to ask! A new way to enjoy an eco-tourism trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. An eco-tour that will allow you to learn about the Amazon jungle in an unforgettable experience, combining trekking, tubing adventure, wildlife and many other different activities surrounded by the amazing rainforest and the comfortable Manu Rainforest lodges.