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About Manu Rainforest Peru Team


My mother TERESA CONDORI migrated to the jungle with her parents when she was 9 years old from the Cusco region. Her parents were farmers. Her father was blind, only her mother was the person in charge at home and working hard every day to survive in the jungle of Manu. My father SABINO ROBLES went to the jungle when he was 17 with the Peruvian army. He was so impressed with the natural wonder he found there that he decided to stay. He also worked as a park ranger of Manu National Park in the first years of the park's founding, in 1973. Then he met and married Teresa, my mother. From this marriage they conceived 6 sons and 3 daughters, who are us. My mother and my father were excellent farmers. They cultivated, rice, cassava, banana, papaya, beans, sweet potatoes, and many other fruits, etc. Although they were successful at growing so many products, there was no market, so the products had no monetary value. Remote Manu was a region without access, and away from the big cities.

In 2000 agriculture was important. As bananas occupied position in the market of Cusco, the local people dedicated themselves to growing the bananas. It became a very important source of income for families. In 2003 my father died from a kidney problem. At the time Saul and I were very young and my younger brothers still very young. We had to take on the responsibilities of my family. We also became vested in growing bananas, our only source of income and work. Five years after high school we had saved some money and I came to Cusco to study for the first time with many difficulties. I began to study to become an official tour guide.

In 2006 we were ready for tourism. We started traveling with passengers one by one or two by two. We had the will and enthusiasm. We created an genuine family business, all with one idea, united. Back then we only slept in tents. After a few years of working we decided to build our own lodgings.

Today our family business is very stable. We give work to many local people and my family. We feel very committed. Each of us work together as one machine, in unity as a team. We don't pretend to be the best! But we want to be! We work hard, and we're getting there!

Today we have our own river boats, our own ground transport. We have our own lodgings made by us. And most importantly we have a team of permanent guides, and personnel in each area (my family!).


Posada Manu Rainforest

Posada Manu Rainforest

Robles Tree House

Robles Tree House


To give your adventurous spirit a breath of fresh air from the day to day humdrum, Manu Rainforest Peru offers a large selection of destinations at the best prices. If what you’re looking for is an irresistable and unique offer for Machu Picchu, Mountain Arcoíris, or Manu National Park, we can custom design a trip for you. Whether you want to relax while enjoying a few days in Cusco, or take a power hike up in the nearby Andes, we have a wide selection of hikes, circuits, and jungle tours and trips! We can design it for either short or long stays. Leave it to us to provide you with an amazing trip the way you like it. We are certified experts in the Cusco, Manu and Machu Picchu area and can help you decide the best options for your trip based on your tastes, time and weather.

Manu Rainforest Tour & Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour & Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour & Laguna Humantay 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Laguna Humantay 5 days


Manu Rainforest Peru has designed some of the most affordable trips to the Amazon on the market. You’ll be visitng the highlights without missing out on service. We guarantee your satisfaction. With a Manu rainforest adventures by road, we’ll supply you with the essentials..Our trips will show you the highlights without all the frills. Our trips don’t have fixed dates, so you have flexibility to chose when to start your trip. It may also be posible to join a group already going, don’t feel shy to ask! A new way to enjoy an eco-tourism trip in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. An eco-tour that will allow you to learn about the Amazon jungle in an unforgettable experience, combining trekking, tubing adventure, wildlife and many other different activities surrounded by the amazing rainforest and the comfortable Manu Rainforest lodges.