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A proper diet in both quality and quantity is essential on trips to a tropical place, such as the adventure programs we run. Manu Rainforest Peru has already become famous for its excellent menus and quality of food. The secret lies in the careful selection of our team of chefs, the creativity and passion for their jobs bring an unparalleled touch to all our meals. We do not have menus, as we want to give our chefs the opportunity to create, innovate and surprise our customers with delicious dishes on each trip.

Noemi Quispe

I want to build my dream house!
I am the wife of Saul Robles; we have 2 children and we both work in our family business, I love this job because I can support my family without having to go abroad, or leaving my family to work in big cities. I also love to see people from all over the world satisfied with my culinary art, Tourism is developing in Manu and this is good for the economy. Our family business MANU RAINFOREST PERU (family business Robles) is great because of our responsible tourism. We are always working to reduce the risk of negative impacts from tourism and money generated is always supporting local people and their way of life.

Leidy Robles

I want to study in Architecture College!
I am 19 years old. I just finished high school 4 years ago. Now, I work in our family company (Manu Rainforest Peru). I love this job since it gives me many opportunities to earn and save money to be able to study at University. Obviously cooking is my passion. I love it! For me it's like the saying "pan comido" A Piece of Cake! ha ha. It comes naturally and I love it when someone asks me "how do you do it?" to make these rich and delicious meals! That's why I say that our family business is the inspiration for many people to venture into the kitchen and learn how to make our delicious food. We are ambassadors for Peruvian cuisine.


The best people to show you the heart of a destination are those who live there, so we work exclusively with local leaders. Our leaders are not only travel experts, they are your teacher, travel guru and enthusiastic provider of prime experiences. They will guide you just as easily through the trips in the Manu jungle as they will be a perfect source to get into the local environment, and all with kindness.

Saul Robles

I want to fulfill my wife Noemi Quispe's dream of building our dream house!
I am the eldest of the Robles brothers, we are a large family. I still have younger brothers who are also being trained as future ambassadors of our family business. we are very authentic young people, enthusiastic, fun, persevering. I am friendly, I love to travel with different personalities from all over the world who want to know about the jungle of Manu National Park. I am always happy to show them, teach them everything I know. Sometimes I take them to my people to play a fulbito, and drink from coconuts with the locals, or go to my mother's house to share local dishes, when we can.

Angel Robles

Bring a Smile to Manu Children at this Christmas 2020!
I am the second of the Robles brothers, founder of Manu Rainforest Peru, currently working as an active guide in our family business; we are all originally from Manu. At first, when we were children we grew up with many economic difficulties. Seeing how foreign tourist companies didn't venture outside the tour, excluding the realities of the local peoples, inspired us to start our local family business and show the real Manu. Now we give work to many of our community that makes me happy! I love my work; it's so diverse and international. I have visitors from all over the world that educate me with their experience and lives. I teach a lot about our culture, environment, and our peoples. At the same time, I also I learn a lot from our clients, it is the school of my life! I always say "I'm sweating, my office is the jungle!"

Moises Lima

I want to travel to Europe with my family!
I am the brother-in-law of the Robles Family. I am really fascinated with my work. The jungle is my family, it is my office. I am in love with the "lady in green dress", this incredible landscape. I am proud to be part of this Robles family business, because we are specialists in the Manu jungle. We share our knowledge and experiences with our travelers. We always make sure you get the best of our family's work and dedication.

Vidal Valencia

I like the jungle!
I am the husband of Deysi Robles; I am a native of Puno. One of my passions is to cook; sometimes I travel as your chef to Manu. I've worked more than ten years as a chef and assistant guide. I've loved the jungle from the first moment I saw it I said "this is what I was always looking for". Now I am assisting, and learning as a guide, together with my brothers-in-law, who are my teachers. I like to travel with tourists and share experiences of my life.


Gabriel Robles
I'm very friendly, and a friend!
I am the sixth of the brothers; we are a large family as mentioned by my brothers. My parents worked hard! The jungle is my school. Every day I learn many things from its secrets. Now I am studying tourism, to be a teacher in its leafy "classrooms", to teach its secrets to our visitors. At the moment, I study at a high school. I would like one day to be your guide.

Jaider Robles
! Viva football!
I am still very young, the last of the brothers, but very mature for my age. I am like my brothers and care about tourism in Manu. My older brothers are my parents and mentors. They are training me to be a future ambassador of our company. I feel very happy, and committed to our business. So, I can assure all our clients that our family business carries on the tradition with this very young human material and with great enthusiasm. I currently support the family business in minor activities. I still study at high school in Manu jungle.


Teresa Condori
My life is the jungle!
I am 53 years old. I love working in our company with my family. I am very proud about how my children run our family business. I have 6 sons and 3 daughters. Of course being a solo mother was not an easy task. I had to be both a father and mother for my children. Now I am very proud of who they have become and what they do. I'm blessed to have such bright children. Currently, I am in charge of POSADA MANU RAINFOREST. I always ready all the beds and rooms for our expected visitors. I like this job because I have income, I can care for my youngest children, and don' have to leave to work in the big cities.

Jasmani Robles
I want to be a civil engineer!
I am passionate about the world of construction. I am the builder of the accommodations. I also made other structures for other travel agencies. I am fascinated by nails and hammers and make designs, I am always thinking of an innovation giving suggestions to make continuous changes in our accommodations. I am very happy because tourism changed my life. Now I can study with my own income. In the future I plan to make big changes in infrastructure. Currently my partner is in charge at ROBLES TREE HOUSE LODGE, doing maintenance. Tourism has brought good income not only to me, but to my entire family and Manu's community.


Luciana Qquerar
I like to be happy
I am the wife of Angel Robles. I am originally from Cusco. I study tourism. Currently I work as a saleswoman in the office of Manu Rainforest Peru. I am happy for the work we do with all my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and friends from the jungle.

Deysi Robles
I like to play volley coda on the weekend!
I am one of the Robles sisters too, My job in the office is as receptionist. Our company is basically made up of family, and I am very happy that many clients support us, and motivate us to move forward. Thanks to this work I can educate my children and bring healthy food home. We always make sure that all our customers return happy with gold memories.

Ángel Robles
As a committed founder of Manu Rainforest Peru, I also support in the office with reservations, purchases, and in just about any way I can help.


When you think about it, working with local people makes a lot of sense. Not only does it provide employment opportunities, but it also ensures that we respect local cultures and support local economies. Tourism is a great source of income for many people, and we strive to help locals benefit by taking part.

Most people who travel with us expect to get the true local experience of Manu, not only in the local itinerary, but also experiencing the local customs, the local habit of each village, and of course savoring the local food. We give them opportunities to participate in Manu's daily life. Our guests can even learn to make food on heliconia leaves, cook in bamboo, and even play football with locals. The opportunity is there and the opportunities are endless, make yourself at home in Manu!

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Posada Manu Rainforest

Posada Manu Rainforest

Robles Tree House

Robles Tree House


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Manu Rainforest Tour & Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
Rainbow Mountain 5 days

Manu Rainforest Tour & Machu Picchu 6 days

Manu Rainforest Tour
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