Manu Rainforest Tour - 4 days
Manu Rainforest Tour - 4 days

Manu Rainforest Tour - Manu Tours Peru

As artisans of adventure travel in the Manu Rainforest, we designed these four days trips, you can rely on our expertise and attention to detail to ensure your well-deserved vacation is crafted with the utmost care, passion, and flair, ¡and one that will live long in the memory for all the right reasons – as our customer reviews will testify!

You’ll cross the unique cloud forest to the lowland of the rainforest, and marvel at waddling macaws, sloths, and flocks of colorful birds everywhere. The reasons why you should visit the Manu rainforest are endless. By traveling with us, you'll experience this incredible part of the world in a way that builds human connection and gets closer to nature while respecting the environment.

NOTE: The program involves several trips by bus and boat, and so given the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program may be subject to change at any time without notice.


4 Days




Easy to Moderate


  • Start: Cusco
  • End: Cusco
  • Style: Original
  • Type: Adventure
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Age Minimum: 10 years with their parents, 18 without parents
  • Group size: Minimum 2 Maximum 9

3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners (vegetarian option available)


    Land transportation (minivan), river transportation (canoe motorized), Peke Peke (small boat motorized, perfectly designed for small river

At Posada Manu Rainforest (1 night), Robles Tree House (2 nights)

  • Rainforest overlook
  • Rainforest Night walk
  • Macaw and parrot clay lick in Manu Rainforest
  • Explore an Oxbow Lake Habitat
  • Immerse yourself in the rainforest’s natural beauty on this River Tubing adventure
  • Embark on a fascinating jungle trek
  • Strangler fig - Massive Amazon tree that begins life as a parasite

Gratuities, First breakfast, water for the first day, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, snacks, souvenirs, Travel insurance and the last dinner.


Manu Rainforest Tour 4 Days

Cusco (3,300m.s.n.m.) – high mountain pass(3650m.s.n.m.) Cloud Forest (1,700m.s.n.m.), Rio Palotoa Basin (350m.s.n.m.)

From its entrance at 3650 meters above sea level, to its Rio Palotoa basin at 350 meters above sea level, covers a distance of almost one hundred fifty kilometers by minivan and forty kilometers along the river site by boat! To get there, the first day we travel in our van about 11 hours with interesting stops on the way and 2 hours by boat motorized along the Rio Alto Madre de Dios and 1 hour by PEKE PEKE (small local boat) along the Rio Palotoa, arriving in the afternoon to the Robles Treehouse Lodge.


Day 1: Cusco - Manu Cloud Forest - Posada Manu Rainforest Lodge

This morning, your epic Four-day tour to Manu National Park begins with an early morning pickup (0400 AM) from your hotel in Cusco. then we will embark on a two hours drive through the South Sacred Valley with staggering views of mountains and valleys to Paucartambo.

At 2906 meters above sea level (9534 ft.) Paucartambo is the folkloric capital of the region. This colonial town boasts incredible colonial buildings and the ancient stone bridge here is certainly unmissable.

After relishing the breakfast here, we will be driving you up the hill to view the showstopping high mountain pass of Acjanaco. It nestles at 3650 m (11975.07). You will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the cloud forest mountains and the origin of the southeaster largest river of the Peruvian Amazon (Rio Alto Madre de Dios) snaking through the lowland tropical jungle. This is also the entrance to Manu National Park.

After soaking in the views of the Amazon, we will begin our drive down the hill through the pristine cloud forest. We will be passing different picturesque waterfalls and lush scrubland. We will be stopping in the cloud forest to spot the Peruvian National Bird, Cock of the Rock. Our local tour guide expert will be explaining more about the distinct bird in detail.

This forest is also home to different species of monkeys. Here you will be spotting Wooly Monkeys and Capuchin Monkeys among others.

We will be reaching the Atalaya boat pier by noon. Here we will embark on a two hours boat ride down the Alto Madre de Dios River deep into the Amazon jungle. to switch a small local canoe called (PEKE PEKE), to sail deep into the Palotoa River for one hour more, stopping at our own rustic Robles’ Treehouse Lodge.

The PEKE PEKE, which welcomes up to 4 or 6 guests, is an expedition canoe designed explicitly for deep exploration of the Peruvian Manu Amazon. Thanks to a relatively small size, agile design, and shallow draft, the Peke Peke leaves the main tourist paths far behind.

During afternoon sail on the Palotoa River, you may be able to see Howler monkeys, sloths, and macaws on the fly. The experience offered on the PEKE PEKE are some of the most unique experiences in Manu

In the afternoon once we arrived, we can do activities from leaping off the swim deck into some of the cleanest water in the world to scouting through the Amazonia night walks with a flashlight looking for creatures, both the four-day Manu Rainforest Tour or more offer unique experiences for active travelers.

After the night walk, we will be returning to the lodge for a lavish dinner and a well-deserved rest...In the dining room, you will dine on fresh, wholesome, locally-sourced meals. The Manu Rainforest Peru chefs are happy to create dishes for vegetarian and other special diets.

Day 2: Posada Manu Rainforest Lodge - Robles Treehouse

The second day of your trip to the Manu rainforest is possibly the most awaited day. We will be leaving our tree house at 0500 AM to see the unmissable Parrot and Macaw Clay Lick. Hundreds of brightly colored birds flock into the cliff to eat the clay.

The clay here is known to be rich in nutrients that help these birds to flush out toxins from their bodies. Witnessing the clay lick on your jungle trip is an experience on its own.

The congregation of colorful large Macaws, Amazon Parrots, and parakeets in Southeastern Peru’s Macaw and parrot clay licks has been described as one of the most thrilling of avian phenomena. Riverside clay licks, locally known as Ccollpa are the point of concentration for hundreds of macaws, parrots, and parakeets; up to a dozen species which come to ingest the clay, rich in minerals and sodium. Shortly after dawn, parrots gather, READ MORE

After contemplating the views, we will back to the Treehouse be serving breakfast in the dining room, you will have breakfast on fresh, wholesome, locally-sourced locally. after one hour we will embark on a hike of 3 hours through the pristine jungle to spot more wildlife. Imagine yourself walking through the heart of the Manu rainforest, and hiking trails maintained by us.

As locals, our tour guides have plenty of knowledge about the flora and fauna. might see different kinds of wildlife in the jungle such as monkeys, sloths, and peccaries, and watch the toucans, and oropendolas that soar on canopies. You will discover the use of most medicinal plants as we will be hiking deep in the pristine jungle, away from the touristic crowd.


Around mid-day, we return to the Treehouse for lunch and a siesta. then your jungle river tubing excursion starts with a scenic drive along the Rio Palotoa River for one hour. Your tour guide advises what to take and wear for these activities. Once you’re ready to go, walk to the riverside and the PEKE PEKE boatman will take you to Rio Palotoa River upstream After about 30 minutes of sail, you ultimately arrive at the river launch point. After one last safety check, it’s time to get into your tube and start your amazing journey!

As you float down the river with your tour guide leading the way, you will discover an environment rich with tropical scenery. The Rio Palotoa River has many different moods, starting with some lazy river sections for you to sit back and relax, and followed by a range of fun-filled rapids for you to quench your thirst for adventure.

After river tubing, in the evening we will excursion along the edges of the Cocha Huito lagoon dense forest and listen to the sunset chorus of giant frogs. Weather permitting, tonight we will have an excursion to spot caiman (the Amazon’s crocodiles) and other nocturnal creatures. We very often see snakes, frogs arboreal, or sloths scrambling high in the limbs, then return to the lodge to dine and sleep.

Day 3: Parrot and Macaw Clay Lick - River Tubing

Every morning is different at the clay lick, and because of that you have another chance to join the morning excursion

after breakfast we are going to immerse in the jungle through the best of trails to see one of the immense Strangler figs - Massive Amazon trees, but first we will walk through bamboo forest, a remarkable number of species lurks, from Antbirds to Rufous-headed Woodpeckers to Capuchin monkeys, often depending on bamboo thickets for food and shelter. These Guadua forests are the only place in the rainforests where you can find scores of birds and other animals.

Find the “Bamboo Specialists”: Due to the bamboo forest’s unique soil, canopy, and food sources, many types of birds and other species specialize in bamboo. This means that they only live in bamboo thickets, making them a must-visit destination for bird lovers and wildlife spotters.

After relishing lunch and a siesta, we will be checking out from our Treehouse Lodge and will head to the boat pier for our ride back to Posada Manu Rainforest

Along the boat ride, you will have the opportunity to spot Capybaras, herons, and vultures among other mammals and birds. arriving in the afternoon you will have free time, this evening last night walk, dinner and sleep like a babe.

Day 4: Robles Treehouse Lodge - Cusco

you will be waking up to the sound of chirping birds on the last day of your Manu Jungle Tour. After relishing a native breakfast, we will be checking out from our Posada Manu Rainforest lodge and will head to the boat pier for our ride back to Atalaya pier.

Along the boat ride, you will have the opportunity to spot Capybaras, herons, and vultures among other mammals and birds.

At Atalaya Pier, our driver will be waiting for us for a scenic drive back to Cusco with a stop in Paucartambo.

We will be reaching Cusco City by 0400 PM.

The meeting point or pick-up will be at your Cusco hotel, our Guide will meet you at our private minivan.

The tour begins and ends in the city of Cusco. If you're based outside of Cusco in Pisac, Urubamba, or Ollantaytambo for example, you will be picked up much earlier to be brought to the city of Cusco to join the tour at its departure point. Please contact us to coordinate. This will have an additional cost, and a schedule of pick-up will be arranged.

Pick-up time is bright and early, at 4:00 in the morning, to give us more time to enjoy the places of interest on the way. And, leaving early we also take advantage of the fresh morning to see more wildlife activity on the way. Leaving early, we also avoid traffic and other tour group crowds.

This adventure in the biosphere of Manu can be done during our summer, from March to December. However, January and February can be difficult because of the rains. Please consult us for rainy season bookings.

We recommend economizing on your luggage for this trip to Manu for 4 days. Travel light and think about bringing layers instead of big jackets, etc. Be selective and pack light. Choose quick dry clothing, if possible, we will be in the jungle!

  • A small daypack for all your essentials like water bottle, camera, snacks, and phone
  • 2-3 long sleeve t-shirts or polos
  • 2 pairs ultra-lightweight pair of hiking pants
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 wide-brimmed Sun Hat
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Waterproof jacket/rain poncho
  • 1 small ultra-light towel
  • Waterproof shoes/hiking sandals like TEVAs
  • Swimming suit/Bathers
  • Torch/flashlight with extra battery
  • Dark-colored clothing

We don’t want you to miss out on the spectacular beauty of the flora and fauna Manu rainforest! While your zoom is a great way to catch animals at a distance, binoculars are a great way just to watch! our naturalized guides take binoculars and a telescope with them and will share with you to use of professional binoculars! The VORTEX 10 x 42 water-resistant binoculars offer extended clear viewing and bring the action in close. Please note, while in your care, the binoculars are your responsibility, so please treat them with care as you are liable in the event of any damage or loss.

  • Plastic bags for dirty and clean clothes, and for camera/electronics.
  • A torch or headlamp (torch for night hikes) with a battery
  • Camera and Battery charger and extra batteries, memory cards
  • Biodegradable or Organic Soap (available in Cusco)
  • Sunscreen
  • DEET or another strong insect repellent
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toilet paper (in a plastic bag to keep dry!)
  • Personal medication for 4 days

Manu Rainforest Peru rates include all meals, soft drinks, hot drinks, sparkling wine and beer with meals, accommodations at lodges, excursions with knowledgeable naturalist guides, a professional cook (chef), the Manu National Park entrance fee, and night walks. One great advantage of our “all-inclusive” rates is that you will know in advance exactly how much you’re Manu Rainforest Peru vacation will cost