Manu Rainforest Tour And Laguna Humantay 5 Days
Manu Rainforest Tour And Laguna Humantay 5 Days

Manu Rainforest Tour And Laguna Humantay 5 Days

If you are looking to have an intense amazon experience, then Manu Rainforest Peru is the best choice tour. In addition to its parrot and macaw clay lick and remote jungle wilderness, there are much more to see at the Robles Ecological Reserve. The further away from the cities you go and the longer you stay in the forest, the better the chance is you will have to observe wildlife. Because our reserve is hours up river from civilization and you stay in the jungle, you will certainly encounter some of the amazing wildlife the Manu Rainforest has to offer.

NOTE :The program involves several trips by bus and boat, and so given the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program may be subject to change at any time without notice.


5 Days




Easy to Moderate


Start: Cusco
End: Cusco
Style: Original
Type: Adventure
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Age: Minimum 10 years with their parents, 18 without parents.
Group size: Minimum 2 Maximum 9

3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners (vegetarian option available)

Land transportation (minivan), river transportation (canoe motorized), Peke Peke (small boat motorized, perfectly designed for small rivers)

At Bamboo Lodge (1 nights), Posada Manu Rainforest (1night), Robles Tree House (1night)

  • Hike in the cloud forest (first day)
  • Visit to the Machuhuasi lagoon (raft with pole)
  • Macaw, parrots and parakeet viewing at the Colpa (Robles Ecological Reserve)
  • Tubing in the Palotoa River (Robles Ecological Reserve)
  • Night hikes with licensed naturalist guide
  • Sportfishing
  • Hiking trails on our private reserve
  • Search for caimans
  • Cruise in our private motorized canoe for 5 hours and more
  • Exploring for Wildlife

First breakfast, water for the first day, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, snacks, souvenirs, tips and the last dinner


Manu Rainforest Tour Laguna Humantay 5 Days

Our route is from Cusco to Manu National Park for several hours in road and river transport

The first day we’ll be on the road about 11 hours in a minivan crossing the Andes, the majestic cloud forest, and high forest. Road conditions can be curvy, broken or blocked, but it is a beautiful trip with amazing views.

From the second day to the forth, we travel by motorized river boat crossing through low lying forests and mesmerizing river landscapes. The river is usually calm and clear, but it can rain at any time and currents may be stronger. This trip lasts about 6 hours; all the while we can look out for wildlife and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding jungle.


Day 01: Cusco – Manu Cloud forest – Posada Manu Rainforest

We’ll pass picturesque valleys and majestic mountains for about eleven hours with stops along the way: breakfast in the quaint colonial town of Paucartambo, breathtaking views at the lookout point at the pass –Acjanaco- 4,000m (13,123 ft) where we enter the Manu Biosphere. From there we descend through the cloud forest to one of the most bio diverse area in the world. Bird and wildlife viewing are easy as we will drive along the cloud forest where we are going to spot waterfalls, primordial trees and an abundance of flora like: ferns, mosses, orchids and lichens; beautiful birds such as: cock of the rock (Peru’s national bird), tangaras, toucans, hummingbirds, trogons, and quetzals; and stunning primates like: woolly, and capuchin monkeys.

Once in Atalaya 600m (1,968 Ft.), a last minute shopping stop before we board our motorized river boat onto the silvery water Traveling 2 hours downriver we’ll stop to hike and visit Lake Machuwasi, a small mirror-like lagoon full of activity. On balsam rafts we’ll pole to the shores so see some amazing birds like the prehistoric cackling hoatzin birds (Opinthocomus hoazín), and with luck capybaras or caiman. It’s a truly beautiful place. Back in the boat we’ll travel a few hours to Robles Ecological Reserve. Here deep in primary forest you can spend the afternoon relaxing while the butterflies and hummingbirds swarm the bushes around or swimming in the cascading waters a few minutes walk down.

Overnight at Posada Manu Rainforest 350m.

Day 02: Posada Manu Rainforest – Robles Tree House

Our ecological tours at Robles Tree House offer excellent experiences full of adventure and awe at the untamed virgin forest and its inhabitants of the great Amazon basin. After breakfast we travel by boat 45 minutes via Rio Palotoa to reach Robles Tree House. Once we arrive we will have time available to explore the heart of our ecological reserve. The evening is reserved for a night walk in search of creatures such as: snakes, amphibians, spiders and monkeys. In the darkness of night we’ll have the spectacle of fireflies lighting up the sky and shadows of bats attracted by our lanterns. Most certainly we’ll see timid tarantulas that go out hunting in the dark.

Overnight at the Robles Tree house, a bungalow stilted house camouflaged in our forest. Strategically located, it makes for great viewing of the nocturnal animals that come to feed on bamboo and wild fruit: monkeys and others. The night air will be full of sound and activity, the forest floor below a gallery of activity, a night not to be forgotten.

Day 03: Parrot and Macaw Clay lick - River Tubing

At 5 a.m. we head to the parrot “colpa” (clay lick) and with good weather we’ll experience an amazing phenomenon in the Manu delta: tens to hundreds of parakeets, parrots and macaws descend upon the nutrient rich clay creating a spectacle of color and sound you’ll never forget. Monkeys toucans and flocks of birds also visit the riverside. We’ll stay here for an hour and a half observing this wonderful jungle landscape and its inhabitants. After breakfast, we’ll embark on a beautiful trek through the pristine forest watching for more wildlife. With our specialist guides you will be able to spot and identify the various animals and plants surrounding you and what they are used for. Manu Rainforest Peru will take you outside of the typical tourist spots and into bamboo forests, primary forest and where giant ancient trees grow and where a plethora of creatures reside.

After a typical lunch we’ll go for an afternoon trip down the river in tractor tires! We’ll go tubing down 3.5 km of the Palotoa river, a relaxing and refreshing trip floating in the current where you are surrounded by forest and monkeys jump about. You may even see otters swimming, and you will definitely see plenty of aquatic bird life. We are the only tour Company that offers this special river tubing trip.

Overnight in our comfortable Posada Manu Rainforest with showers.

Day 04: Posada Manu Rainforest – Cusco

Waking early to the sound of Dusky Titi Monkeys, we’ll pack up and enjoy a last breakfast together to the chorus of morning birds. Back to the motorized river boat, we have a last and great chance to see wildlife on the river on our way back to Atalaya. Capybaras, eagles, herons, Jungle Vultures, and many other birds are fishing the waters. As on any day in the jungle, surprise appearances await us and we have a second chance at sightings along the road through the cloud forest back to Cusco.

We arrive in Cusco at approx. 6.00 PM and our tour concludes as we bring you to your respective hotels.

Rainbow Mountain Rout

Welcome to the capital of the Inca Empire - Cusco. Your adventure begins today with a welcome meeting at 7 a.m., where you will meet your travel leader and travel group. The activity planned for today is to travel in the minivan for two and a half hours to Chillihuani, a town located at the foot of the sacred mountain of the Andes (Ausangate) surrounded by wild mountains, which houses hundreds of South American camelids - lamas and alpacas - pastored by the local women. This is where we begin our walk for an hour and a half. On the way we will be surrounded by beautiful colorful mountains born from Pacha Mama, or Mother Nature, and its people. Once at the top of the mountain, you will enjoy a beautiful and unique view of Rainbow Mountain. After about 45 minutes we will cross to the Red Valley, thus completing our wonderful day of visit. Then I walk down to Chillihuani again, lunch time! After a delicious lunch we will take our minivan back to Cusco arriving at 6 pm. Road reference: a certain section is a relatively flat horseshoe path, and to get there it is a bit steep until you reach the top, on the way down it is very easy.

  • Guided walk to the Rainbow Mountain with your professional guide
  • Walk to the Red Mountains with a professional guide
  • Tourist transport with a professional driver who takes us and brings us back to Cusco


  • Tickets to the Rainbow Mountain and Red Mountain
  • Walking sticks
  • Oxygen and first aid

If you wish you can rent a horse on the site, or if the trail conditions are not favorable.


It is a one-day adventure, which involves traveling in a minivan for four hours and a half round trip, and walking for two hours and a half round trip. The route is subject to change depending on the weather conditions. Sometimes the way can be covered with snow since it is at a height of 5020 meters above sea level.


RECOMMENDATIONS Be ultra-selective to make your walk easy; bring a day pack with a water bottle, rain poncho or waterproof jacket, trekking shoes. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and sun hat are important as we walk in an open area without shade.

Pick up time is bright and early, at 4:00 in the morning, to give us more time to enjoy the places of interest on the way. We’ve found this to be the best, as did our previous travelers. Leaving early we take advantage of the fresh morning to see more wildlife activity and we also avoid traffic and other tour groups that could crowd our way.

For Manu, we normally run this tour from March to December (our summer). Remember in the jungle there can be rain at any time regardless of season.

We recommend economizing on your luggage for this trip to Manu of 7 days. Travel light and think about bringing layers instead of big jackets, etc. Be selective and pack light. Choose quick dry clothing if possible, we will be in the jungle! Remember long sleeves and long trousers are a barrier between you and the mosquitos! Pack wisely and enjoy your trip more.

  • A small daypack for all your essentials like water bottle, camera, snacks and phone
  • 2-3 long sleeve t-shirts or polos
  • 2 pairs ultra lightweight pair of hiking pants
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 wide-brimmed Sun Hat
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Waterproof jacket / rain poncho
  • 1 small ultra-light towel
  • Waterproof shoes/hiking sandals like TEVAs
  • Swimming suit/Bathers
  • Plastic bags for dirty and clean clothes, and for camera/electronics.
  • A torch or head lamp (for night hikes) with battery
  • Camera and Battery charger and extra battery, memory cards
  • Biodegradable or Organic Soap (available in Cusco)
  • Sunscreen
  • DEET or other strong insect repellent
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toilet paper (in plastic bag to keep dry!)
  • Personal medication for 4 days

Manu Rainforest Peru rates include all meals (optional vegetarian with notice), soft drinks, hot drinks, sparkling wine and beer with meals, accommodations at lodges, excursions with knowledgeable naturalist guides, professional cook (chef), night walks. We will provide private transportation (boat & minivan). Breakfast and lunch will be available on your last day and are included in the rate. One great advantage of our “all inclusive” rates is that you will know in advance exactly how much you’re Manu Rainforest Peru vacation will cost.