Manu Reserve Zone – 6 days

Manu Rainforest Peru has a package tour of 6 days / 5 nights for this spectacular region. Enjoy the Acjanaco Mountains, cloud forest and high jungle, and the untouched rainforest around Manu National Park, finishing with a visit to the parrot clay lick and tubing the Palotoa River (located in our private Ecological Reserve). This is a tour designed to see many different kinds of Amazon wildlife in a short time and enjoy beautiful landscapes with comfort and low physical demands.

NOTE: The program involves several trips by bus and boat, and so given the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program may be subject to change at any time without notice.

Day 01: Cusco – Cloud Forest - Bambu Lodge
Leaving at 5:30 AM in our private minivan we’ll travel southeastwards to Manu, a natural Paradise. Crossing spellbinding mountains and valleys, we’ll arrive at the colonial town of Paucartambo (the folkloric capital of Cusco), and stop for a coffee. From here we drive upwards to the highest point, Acjanaco pass at 4,000m (13,123 ft.) entering the Biosphere of Manu. After taking in the panorama, we descend through the cloud forest a sea of shrubs, trees and flowering plants fed by the vapor that rises up from the valley. Primordial ferns, epiphytes, lichen, and orchids adorn the mountainside. Birds in the area include hummingbirds, quetzal, trogon, toucan, parrots, and tangaras, all of which we are likely to see. The country’s national bird, the beautiful cock of the rock (Rupícola peruviana) is also resident. We’ll likely also see the wooly monkey, unique to the cloud forest, among the many rolling cascades and tumbling waterfalls.
Overnight Bambu Lodge.

Day 02: Bambu Lodge – Atalaya - Manu Rainforest Lodge
After breakfast your guide will show you different trees and plants in the orchard used for medicinal purposes as well as a coca plantation. Back in the minivan we’ll head to the river port city of Atalaya a 650m (2132 ft.), where we’ll board our bright motorized river boat that will carry us through the turbulent waters of Madre de Dios River, one of the arteries that feeds the Amazon. During our trip we’ll have the chance to see many kinds of birds like the colorful (but noisy) parrots, buzzards, raucous oropendolas y elegant cranes or herons (among many other species) With luck, we might also get the chance to see some jungle mammals like capybaras (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) peccary or agouti. Once at the Lodge, we can take a night wander in search of nocturnal life: owls, spiders, toads, snakes and other creatures like none other on earth occupy the area.
Overnight Manu Rainforest Lodge.

Day 03: Manu Rainforest Lodge - Casa Machiguenga Lodge
We’ll leave at dawn, enjoying our breakfast on the boat so we can spend more time on the river with the wildlife. These early morning hours are ideal for wildlife encounters. Sunrise over the Alto Madre De Dios River is a sight you won’t forget. From here we change waterways to the Manu River, where we’ll pass the next four hours in the most biodiversity area in the world. The vistas are stunning. Keep your eyes open for the elusive jaguar (Panthera onca), sinister black caiman (up to 7m long!) or white caiman, rows of turtles balancing on trunks, and, perched on the branches or soaring in the air, the multitude of exceptional birdlife. At night we’ll venture in the jungle in search of frogs, spiders and serpents and other night active creatures.
Overnight at Casa Machiguenga Lodge; this lodge belongs to the indigenous people of the zone and is constructed with local materials. It has capacity for 12 guests. It’s situated at the center of the cultural zone of Rio Manu

Day 04: Cocha Salvador – Cocha Otorongo (oxbow lakes)
Today we wait our turn to enter the park at the Guard’s station. Our first objective will be to navigate the Cocha Salvador in catamaran. Giant otters (Pteronura brasiliensis), are our goal today, as well as troupes of howler monkeys (Alouatta sara), spider monkeys, and the agami egret. As well, we’ll explore the forest for big trees like the ficus and ceiba (these trees are quickly disappearing for lumber in other parts of the world). After a delicious lunch follows, we’ll view Cocha Otorongo (one of the largest oxbow lakes in Manu), from a 20m (60 ft.) tower lending us panoramic views of the water habitat and unprecedented views of visiting wildlife (bring your zoom lens!) It’s spectacular to watch the giant otters at play and fishing. Your guide will also point out the enormous black caimans, white caimans, bird life, and medicinal plants and trees around.
Overnight en Casa Machiguenga Lodge.

Day 05: Casa Machiguenga Lodge – Manu Rainforest Lodge
We’ll return to the river after a delicious breakfast, navigating the placid waters of Manu River, the perfect time to catch the jaguar (Panthera onca) out for a morning hunt, capybaras foraging, or tapirs bathing. The eagle arpía, one of the largest predators of the air in South America might soar overhead in search of a morning meal. A few hours later we arrive at the small settlement of Boca Manu. Continuing, we’ll cross the turbulent waters of the Alto Madre de Dios River for five hours by boat, another great way to enjoy the amazing panoramas, with flocks of birds flying overhead. At night we make a toast in appreciation of the group and the great wonder called Manu National Park.
Overnight at Manu Rainforest Lodge.

Day 06: Manu Rainforest Lodge – Cusco
Every day, every moment in the jungle is a new opportunity. Everything depends on the spirit of each person, for this reason we have the chance to experience the forest in a different way each time. So, in returning to Cusco the same route we have yet another chance to appreciate the beauty, wonder and wildlife of Manu.
At dawn we breakfast and head out on the river for the last time, change to minivan in Atalaya and make our way back to Cusco. Expected arrival time is at 6:00 PM. We conclude the tour leaving you at your hotel and wish you happy travels.

What’s included in the trip?
Manu Rainforest Peru rates include all meals, soft drinks, hot drinks, sparkling wine and beer with meals, accommodations at lodges, excursions with knowledgeable naturalist guides, professional cook (chef), the Manu National Park entrance fee, night walks. We will provide private transportation (boat & minivan). Breakfast and lunch will be available on your last day and are included in the rate. Tubing in the river is also included on your amazon adventure. One great advantage of our “all inclusive” rates is that you will know in advance exactly how much you’re Manu Rainforest Peru vacation will cost. Your only extra expenses will be drinks, boutique purchases, First day breakfast, and Drinking water first day, Personal expenses, we provide gum boots for wetland excursions.


What should I bring to the Jungle?
Please bring comfortable walking shoes, lightweight long pants and long sleeved shirts for our excursions, as well as a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, extra socks, Dark-colored clothing, Swimwear, sandals and a small personal towel, Water bottle or canteen, mosquito repellant with DEET, and of course your camera with charger and extra batteries, and waterproof ponchos with hoods to protect against rain, torch/flashlight with extra battery. You may wish to include some small items that you can give away to the locals (t-shirts, pens and candies are especially prized). During meals in the dining room we ask our guests to wear casual clothing and shoes or sandals.
Binoculars - Very important to enjoy wild life (Vortex 10 x 42, Bushnell, Nikon 8 x 42)

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