Amazon Jungle Tours Without Borders 6 Days

We offer a new form of eco-tourism in the Amazon, an intense ecological tour that combines hiking, adventure, and sport fishing in the heart of the Peruvian jungle. In a space of 6 days we have the flexibility to do as many or few activities for longer or shorter periods based on your tastes (and the weather). This trip provides the greatest chances for sightings of the four types of monkeys, many reptiles and mammals, macaws and toucans, and even jaguars or tapirs that inhabit the jungle.

River Tubing in the Jungle!
Unique to our trip is river Tubing, which consists of gliding down a stretch of the river Palotoa with an inflated tire. Let yourself be guided by the river current for a stretch of 5 kilometers immersed in the sounds and sights of the Manu rain forest: an unforgettable part of our packages that we offer in our private Robles Ecological Reserve.

The journey begins in a minivan leaving the city of Cusco at 5:00 a.m., then making a brief stop in the historic town of Paucartambo, and at Acjanaco, the highest point and entrance to the National Park of the Manu. From here we will descend through the cloud forest and the lowland forest of the Amazon to reach the capital city of Salvacion.
Night walk in search of some alligators, amphibians, and the largest rodent in the world (capybara)
Overnight in local, comfortable accommodation.

For today we have a very interesting visit to the Oxbow Lake. In this particular trek we’ll get to see a number of wildlife species such as the HOATZIN (loud prehistoric birds), oropendulas, and monkeys. We’ll then take our minivan by two hours to get to the banks of the river Alto Madre de Dios. Here we cross the river in a wooden boat to get to our hostel, Manu Rainforest Lodge, for lunch and afternoon nature walks.
At night after dinner you can join the night hike which is part of the tour, or take in the sounds of the jungle with an early night’s sleep. At dusk in the Amazon, we will look for armadillos, peccary (wild boar) and nocturnal monkeys that come to feed on bananas from the farms of the locals.

Today we travel by boat 45 minutes up river, a time to watch and enjoy jungle activity from our private wooden boat, surrounded by beautiful landscape and tropical birds, monkeys, and with some luck animals crossing the river. Once in Robles Tree House Lodge we follow paths on our private network of trails for three hours looking for monkeys, peccaries, and some macaws in the treetops. Then we’ll enjoy a typical lunch of the jungle, always accompanied by a good glass of beer or other exotic drinks from the jungle of the Amazon. In the afternoon you can take a refreshing swim with a dip in the river Palotoa in its crystalline waters.
At night we offer the chance to go walking in search of nocturnal activity and spot tarantulas, snakes, frogs etc.
Overnight in Robles TreeHouse Lodge

The Robles Ecological Reserve offers us the most important wildlife viewing activity of this tour to Manu at our private parrot collpa. (A collpa is a mineral rich clay wall that attracts animals who need to eat there to get essential minerals.) At 5 a.m. we wake up and gather to watch the collpa from our hide at 5:30 a.m., the best time to catch the birds and animals feeding there. Parrots, parakeets, macaws (Aras), (sometimes in the hundreds) feed on clay since it counteracts the toxins that eat in their daily diet day through their food.
In the afternoon after the lunch we will make excursions into primary and secondary forest, and into bamboo forests to find creatures in their natural habitat.
Overnight in Robles Tree House Lodge.

Once again we will have the chance to watch the dazzling activity of parrots and macaws at the claylick. You will not tire of witnessing this wonderful show, and another chance to watch river otters coming to swim very early in the morning. Afterwards we enjoy breakfast in the wild and get ready to make that special trip downriver tubing! On this journey you’ll have a unique view of beautiful riverside panoramas. It’s relaxing and refreshing! We will arrive in the afternoon to our hostel and at night will provide a sparkling wine accompanied by popcorn to toast to our spectacular trip and then enjoy our last delicious dinner together.
Overnight in Manu Rainforest Lodge

At 7:00 a.m. we have to leave to catch our transport back to Cusco, arriving at 5:00 p.m. We thank you for coming out to our special part of the jungle. We hope you will come back many times in the future!

What’s included in the trip?
Manu Rainforest Peru rates include all meals, soft drinks, hot drinks, sparkling wine and beer with meals, accommodations at lodges, excursions with knowledgeable naturalist guides, professional cook (chef), the Manu National Park entrance fee, night walks. We will provide private transportation (boat & minivan). Breakfast and lunch will be available on your last day and are included in the rate. Tubing in the river is also included on your amazon adventure. One great advantage of our “all inclusive” rates is that you will know in advance exactly how much you’re Manu Rainforest Peru vacation will cost. Your only extra expenses will be drinks, boutique purchases, First day breakfast, and Drinking water first day, Personal expenses, we provide gum boots for wetland excursions.

What should I bring to the Jungle?
Please bring comfortable walking shoes, lightweight long pants and long sleeved shirts for our excursions, as well as a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, extra socks, Dark-colored clothing, Swimwear, sandals and a small personal towel, Water bottle or canteen, mosquito repellant with DEET, and of course your camera with charger and extra batteries, and waterproof ponchos with hoods to protect against rain, torch/flashlight with extra battery. You may wish to include some small items that you can give away to the locals (t-shirts, pens and candies are especially prized). During meals in the dining room we ask our guests to wear casual clothing and shoes or sandals.
Binoculars - Very important to enjoy wild life (Vortex 10 x 42, Bushnell, Nikon 8 x 42)

Economical tours to Manu

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